Andy Grammer: On Creation


For The Curious:

Here’s a tip guaranteed to make your day better.

Listen to Andy Grammer sing: “Good To Be Alive.”

Then sing along.

I do.

Almost every time I’ve got to drive somewhere.

Trust me. If this song can lift your spirits in L.A. traffic, it can lift your spirits anywhere.

Andy is my guest on Big Questions this week. You can listen to the podcast, right above.

We did a swap. I also answered Andy’s questions on his podcast: The Good Parts. (It will be released next week.)

He answered mine on Big Questions.

If you listen to both conversations you’ll fully understand why it feels like I made a new friend in a single afternoon.

Andy Grammer

You’ll also understand how Andy went from singing for coins on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica to singing the national anthem at the World Series.

There are many takeaways that apply to the creation process in this episode of Big Questions that reach way beyond music and can be used in everybody’s day-to-day life.

By the end of the conversation, you’ll probably catch yourself singing: Keep Your Head Up and Honey, I’m Good, as well.



Kevin Hekmat