Someone Turn This Episode Into A Movie!

For The Curious,

The stools in Irish pubs have no backs to them. I’m told they were designed that way to make it easy for the seated person to lean in when he or she hears a great story.

This week’s episode of Big Questions would have everybody in an Irish pub leaning in.

Someone should make a movie out of the buddy story between Irish Dave & Arash. It’s got everything that makes a great movie. It’s got comedy. It’s got a tragedy. It’s got resilience. It’s got a buddy story and a love story. And because of a very special woman, it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day episode.

I don’t want to tip off too much.

This story has got so many twists and turns and obstacles and triumphs that all I can say is this: I’m proud to know the comedian Irish Dave Nihill and his pal Arash Bayatmakou.

They will inspire you to push past any uncomfortable situation you’re in. And the moment you tune in you’re going to understand how deep this goes.

Please, somebody in Hollywood turn this into a movie.



Kevin Hekmat