Dr. Steven Gundry: Following Your Purpose

For The Curious,

See that guy in the hat? I mean, the other guy. That’s Dr. Steven Gundry – author of The Plant Paradox, The Longevity Paradox and two other national best sellers.

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Dr. Gundry went out of his way to wear one of his hats when I showed up to record my Big Questions podcast with him. It was a nice gesture. But it was more than that.

I always tell people that communication is 10 percent the actual words, 30 percent tone of voice and 60 percent body language. The body language in that gesture is a sign of openness and connection.

That openness to new ideas and new directions is the theme of this week’s episode of Big Questions.

Gundry is a Yale graduate who became a highly respected heart surgeon -- chief of cardiothoracic surgery at Loma Linda University. But then a single story changed his life. The story of Big Ed.

Big Ed’s heart was in terrible shape and he was told by many doctors that he was beyond surgery. Big Ed sought out Dr. Gundry for help, and explained that by changing his diet and taking supplements, he’d been able to lose a lot of weight and feel better.

Dr. Gundry became curious when tests confirmed that Big End had begun to unclog his blood vessels. He began to track Big Ed, and he experimented himself with Big Ed’s remedies. Dr. Gundry lost a lot of weight and began to feel much healthier. And that led him to ultimately leave his secure job as a surgeon and start counseling patients on healing themselves through the food and supplements they put in their bodies.

Not many people are aware of the financial hardships Dr. Gundry and his wife faced after he made this decision. Hardships they endured for more than a decade. But Dr. Gundry continued to learn as he and Penny struggled forward. And then he hit it out of the park with The Plant Paradox. This New York Times bestseller details the hidden dangers in food we all tend to view as healthy but that can set off disease and weight gain.

His latest book, The Longevity Paradox: How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age, is also a national bestseller. And you can get tips on leading a healthier life by buying those books and his two other bestsellers -- or by watching his videos on the Internet.

Because he followed this path, Dr. Gundry was able to treat a friend of mine who has a rare esophageal disease. My friend credits Dr. Gundry with saving his life. Dr. Gundry’s determination has allowed him to touch nearly 100 million people with his dietary advice and through the sale of supplements. The mini-empire he’s created now employs 600 people.

This story was exactly what I needed to hear as I begin to make my own transformation.

I’m going to use everything I’ve learned interviewing icons who’ve shaped the last half century for magazines and books to help businesses and CEOs tell their stories so that those businesses can climb to new heights.

I’m simply following my gut like Dr. Gundry, because I know how powerful a story can be in this age of information overload. The interviewing techniques and storytelling skills I’ve developed over decades are poised to make a huge difference in a lot of businesses and a lot of lives.

So if you know anyone who needs help telling their business’s story, feel free to reach out to me through my e-mail in the contact page.

In a sense, I’m following my gut, just like Dr. Gundry.

The journey begins . . .

Stay tuned.



Kevin Hekmat