Life Is Good: Turning Optimism into a Hundred-Million Dollar Business

For The Curious,

I just had a great week in Boston. You can get a piece of it on this week’s episode of Big Questions with the founders of Life Is Good – Bert and Johnny Jacobs.

Back in 1989, two brothers who grew up sleeping in a bunk bed bought a used minivan that they named “The Enterprise” and drove around the country trying to sell the t-shirts they created. After five years of toil, they had a combined $78 to their names. 

You’re going to hear the wonderful story of how that journey has turned into a hundred-million-dollar business that helps a million children every year. You’re also going to hear the advice they pass on to me as I sprint down the homestretch of Million-Dollar May. 

I always have a great time when I’m around Bert and Johnny. I met so many other wonderful people when I was in town and heard so many fantastic stories that I thought it would be a great idea to hang out in Boston for a month -- to really get a sense of the city.

When Bert heard my idea, he became excited and suggested I come in February.

“February!” I said. “When it’s 2 degrees outside????”


Bert told me February was a beautiful time to be in Boston. He got poetic, filling my mind with images of snow falling like confetti, crackling fireplaces, laughter over spirits and great gatherings ending in bearhugs. 

Made me wonder if I should do a story-telling workshop in Boston in February. 

Please let me know if you think this is a good idea. Or if nobody is going to show up because they’re out shoveling their walkways.

And let me know other ideal spots for storytelling workshops – because I want to come your way.

I’ll be doing a storytelling workshop in July 5th and 6th in Munich, Germany. Everybody is welcome. The focus is on businesses that want to tell their authentic stories in the most compelling way. We’ll be going over the rules of storytelling, so that when you need to tell your business’s story, your product’s story, your customer’s story or your personal story, you’ll be prepared.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll walk out with those stories polished and gleaming. 

If you’ve got questions, e-mail me here. Or go to 

Whether it’s in Munich, Boston, Buenos Aires or Shanghai, I hope to clink glasses with you down the tracks.



Kevin Hekmat