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Cal's keynotes and interactive workshops are derived from decades of interviewing hundreds of the world’s most extraordinary individuals.

He inspires organizations to take a fresh look at their business through storytelling, connection and the fundamental idea that Changing your Questions can Change your Life.

Over the last year, Cal has delivered keynotes at dozens of companies, including Facebook, General Motors, Pixar, Twitter, Apple Music, Snapchat, Samsung, Turner Broadcasting, Vans, Lululemon; colleges like UCLA and Georgetown; and at conferences as far as South Africa.

After he spoke at their Leadership Conference, Facebook's marketing team noted that Cal's techniques became a staple in their department. "We literally have people using the term Cal Question: 'What Cal Question are we going to use to get the understanding we need in this meeting?' Cal's influence on us will make us ask better questions and care more deeply about the way we develop our business relationships. He has become part of our culture."

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Cal’s moderations get the most out of featured guests to help lift conferences and corporate events to their highest level.

Moderation is frequently underestimated in event planning. Organizers tend to focus their attention on procuring top-tier guests to be interviewed in front of their groups without giving nearly as much thought to the person directing the conversation. This can put people with little experience on stage to guide the discussion — and diminish what the much-anticipated (and often highly-paid) guest has to offer.

Cal brings to the stage the same skills he’s used to extract the wisdom from hundreds of the world’s most talented, compelling and powerful people. He’s a master at making the guest feel extremely comfortable while seamlessly engaging the audience in these sessions.

He’s moderated conversations with NBA star Kobe Bryant at Summit LA; with Bob Pittman, the Chairman and CEO of iHeart Media, at Summit at Sea; with Olympic gold-medalist Simone Biles at the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center; with skateboard legend Tony Hawk at WORLDZ, among many others.

Cal has also been brought into corporate events to allow company leaders to share their vision through an interview as opposed to prepared remarks. These moderations have delighted audiences — which is why it has been so efficient for event organizers to bring Cal in to speak and moderate at the same conference.

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"Prolific and peerless."

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