Uncover YOUR Story

uncover the story of your business to unlock its potential

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How can your business stand out in this avalanche of information?

There’s one way -- and it goes back a long way.

Through stories.


Cal Fussman has distilled years of experience to show you how to craft that story.


He has given keynotes to EO audiences from New York to Nairobi. Now he has created a workshop that reveals all the skills he used as a journalist to uncover the stories within icons who’ve shaped the world over the last half-century.


90% of the data in the world has been generated in the last two years

– virtually all of it accessible through a mobile phone.

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Stories grasp attention. Stories make people lean in. Stories make people connect.

Is your sales team trying to convince people to buy your product? Or compelling them with a great story?

Your story, and the way it’s told, can make all the difference.


This half-day event, specially-priced for all EO chapters, focuses on the power of questions, the potential in listening and the blueprint of creating stories that endure.

Attendees will walk out with their company’s story on paper. And not only that -- but they’ll know the rules of storytelling so they can apply them in the future should the business need to pivot.

The interactive nature of the workshop will allow you to practice and polish these skills from wording to tone of voice and body language.

Many a business has told its story as if it’s the hero. Those businesses have got it all wrong. Because it’s the customer who is the hero. Your business exists to guide your customers through obstacles to a successful resolution.

A half-day can change the course of your business.

And you’ll have a good time – because we all love stories.