Kobe Bryant: Storytelling and the Awareness of Fear



I was delighted to watch Kobe Bryant win the Academy Award for Dear Basketball in the category of Best Animated Short.

It brought back one of my favorite moments from my Big Questions podcast. It’s Kobe’s story about listening to the music for Dear Basketball for the first time.

Anyone who loves movies has got to know the work of the composer. John Williams has also created the theme music for Star Wars, Jaws, Jurassic Park and so many other classics.

The first time Kobe heard the music for Dear Basketball was also the first time John heard the music played by an orchestra. Before that, the music was only in John’s head and on composition sheets. Kobe and John were seated next to each other. And Kobe’s reaction to hearing what John had created was like listening to Kobe watching another Kobe play.

I’m sending out this short take from my conversation with Kobe for everyone to enjoy.

Because the story expresses the genius of John Williams and the animator Glen Keane, as well as the childhood curiosity that has made Kobe great at every endeavor he takes on.



Kevin HekmatComment