David Sanborn: From Polio to the Grammys


For The Curious:

If you responded to the survey at calfussman.com/survey – thanks!

There have been some wonderful answers to the question: “If I could give you a gift, what would you like it to be?”

Here’s a sampling:

  • A Cal Fussman dashboard dancer shadowboxing in his iconic shirt.

  • Airline miles.

  • A time machine to the past so I could meet a lot of people I admire who are long gone.

  • Cool mementos of your adventures.

  • A fedora.

  • A pony -- no, seriously, a free ticket to an event you speak at.

  • A handwritten note on your own stationary that says something like: “The question I have for you is . . . “

  • Invitation to dinner with you and Tim Ferriss.

  • A lucky charm.

  • A printed collection of your writings.

  • A Skype mentoring session.

  • A good book.

  • Personally, one listener wrote, I think your podcast is a gift already.

Much gratitude. If you haven’t yet filled out the survey, please add to the list. I’ll do my best to figure out how to be Santa Claus.

In the meantime, please check out this week’s podcast.

It’s about a boy who turned polio into Grammy Awards when he grew up – saxophonist David Sanborn.

Perhaps it’ll help you become better at being aware of the moments that can shape your life.



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