Daymond John: Goals and Grinding


takeaways from this episode:

  • Tips for seizing your day in the morning, that will help you rise and grind.
  • The small idea that ended up being Daymond's shot to rise to the top.


When you come across people attached to huge success stories, you can’t help but wonder: How’d they do that?

Take the case of Daymond John -- one of the stars of the TV show Shark Tank. Almost 20 years ago, he sewed 80 hats and headed out to the streets to hawk them for $10 apiece. He sold out in an hour. That hour led to a $6 billion apparel company that we now know as FUBU (For Us, By Us).

There’s a long distance to cover between sewing a $10 hat and running a $6-billion company. But some very simple strategies came up as we talked about aDaymond’s most recent book – Rise and Grind.

Daymond writes out his goals. His goals are one the first things he looks at when he gets up in the morning. And one of the last things he looks at before he goes to sleep.

I’ve never done this, or anything like it. And I was thinking about giving it a try as I headed off to Minneapolis to watch the Super Bowl.


A couple of days before the game I got a chance to meet Deshaun Watson – the quarterback who led Clemson to a national title in 2017, and currently a star on the Houston Texas.

Deshaun told me he tapes his goals to his bathroom mirror so he can see them when he brushes his teeth in the morning, repeatedly throughout the day, and just before he goes to sleep.

It obviously works. He was having a great rookie season for the Texans before he tore a ligament in his right knee last November.

When I returned to my hotel I saw Deshaun in the fitness center working out alone. The following day I found him working out alone again.

Through the windows all around the gym you could see happy people walking through the snow to Super Bowl parties around the city. But there was Deshaun – sweating toward his daily goals.

Two things occurred to me as I watched him.

I would not be surprised to see Deshaun Watson one day playing in the Super Bowl.

And I wondered how much more I could’ve achieved in my life if only I’d written out my goals and looked at them every time I brushed my teeth.

We’ll find out soon.



Kevin HekmatComment