Seth Godin: Seeing The World Through A Different Frame



When I arrived at Seth Godin’s office to do my podcast, there was a picture on the front door. My childhood hero, Muhammad Ali, was there to greet me with a message.

It made me feel so welcome that afterward I could only wonder: Why haven’t I ever done that? 

How come I’ve never greeted a guest coming to my home with a sign on the front door that made her or him feel special?


That’s what you take away from Seth. You get to look at yourself and your surroundings in a new way. You don’t even have to actually meet Seth to understand. You can get the feeling simply by looking at his website.

Or by reading one of his best-selling books on marketing that have made him an industry legend.

No matter how you connect with Seth Godin, you’ll come away changed.

Hear for yourself.


Kevin HekmatComment