Sex Dolls and The Future of Relationships


Takeaways from this podcast:

  • In a world where people are feeling more and more isolated and alone, will large numbers of people begin gravitating toward a doll with Artificial Intelligence that’s programmed to say only what each of us wants to hear?

  • In an age when people are accustomed to swiping left or right, will the next evolutionary step be simply ordering a manufactured partner that has ALL the characteristics that we want?

  • If, as Papadopoulos says, we’re playing catch-up with understanding how Artificial Intelligence affects us now, how will we cope when AI begins to understand us better than a human psychologist . . . and then moves forward exponentially?

For The Curious,

I’m always amazed where a simple conversation can take you.

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On a recent visit to New York, I had a slice of pizza with the producer of James Altucher’s podcast -- Steve Cohen. Great sayings spout out of Steve like water from the fountains in front of The Bellagio on The Strip in Las Vegas. Not only did I get these splashes of wisdom, but this time Steve recommended I meeta brilliant psychologist from the UK named Linda Papadopoulos.

In fact, Steve said, the timing was perfect because Linda was about to pass through Los Angeles just as I was returning, and he Insisted on trying to set up a meeting.

Linda and I did meet at Larry King’s breakfast table.

It was at the table when, out of nowhere, the subject of sex doll robots came up. I was stunned to find out that life-sized dolls were being manufactured with artificial intelligence to meet the buyer’s every desire. The dolls could be programmed to converse about Shakespeare or any other interest. And not only that, but the dolls could read the facial expressions of the owner in order to best respond. And not only that! But the dolls could store information to enhance future experiences.

Naturally, these dolls became the centerpiece of the conversation Linda and I had on Big Questions.

This discussion is only the beginning. There are some deep questions that will need to be addressed going forward.

This podcast opened a door for me into the future. It’s going to set off a lot of conversations about where we’re headed. I can feel the start of a new adventure.

It’s wonderful to have you on the journey. If you’re up for it, please send me a photo of the city or town where you listen to Big Questions. You never know where our conversation might lead . . .



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