Mick Ebeling: On Why Nothing Is Impossible



  • How redefining the word “impossible” can make anything possible.

  • How committing to a goal before you know how to achieve it can jumpstart your journey toward it, and push you past the obstacles that will arise.

  • How trying to solve one impossible problem can lead you to solving another.

  • How you can incorporate Mick’s philosophy into your own life and do things you never imagined you could do.

For The Curious,

Some people can lift your day just by thinking about them.

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This is Mick Ebeling. He doesn’t believe anything is impossible. That’s why he founded Not Impossible Labs.

Not Impossible Labs has lived up to its name. It’s invented The EyeWriter -- a device that enabled a paralyzed graffiti artist to once again create art using only his eyes.

It figured out a way to 3-D print prosthetic arms for people who’d had limbs blown off in the South Sudan during a Civil War.

And now it’s working on a device that has the capacity to stop the tremors of people who have Parkinson’s Disease.

You can see some of the “technology for the sake of humanity,” that Mick has inspired on the lab’s website at notimpossible.com.

You can contact Mick on that site.

But if you know someone who’s got Parkinson’s Disease, feel free to let me know who they are so that I can connect him or her with Mick and follow what is going to happen when the device is released down the road.

No matter who you are, where you live or what your circumstances, everybody will take away a great deal from this week’s conversation.

One thing IS impossible. You will not get through this episode of Big Questions without being inspired. Guaranteed.

Thanks for coming along on the journey.



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