Bill Nye: An Epic Story, and A Monumental Challenge


For The Curious,

A lot of you who’ve e-mailed in photos of where you watch Big Questions have told me you’d like to hear me tell more stories. So it seemed like a good time to reach back and give you one.


Last September, I had a conversation with Bill Nye, The Science Guy, at the Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas. It was not quite the interview Bill was expecting when he came through the door of the studio at 11th Street Records.

That’s because I opened by telling Bill my Chemistry Story. It caught Bill by surprise, but his participation in it reaffirmed to me what a national treasure he is. He injects humor into science – it’s that simple. And it’s why 10,000 people showed up to hear him speak at Life Is Beautiful last year.

It’s important we listen – because, as you’ll also hear, Bill has turned his focus on saving the planet.

I’d like to say thanks to the folks at Life Is Beautiful for sharing this conversation that was originally published in the magazine section of

If you like festivals, you might want to go to the site. On the whole, about 140,000 people filled the streets of downtown Vegas last year to listen to the music, gaze at the art, chow down at the food truck court and check out the speakers.

I’ve been to the festival for the last two years, and my journey is going to take me back this year. Hope to see you there.



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