Sasha Cohen: On Olympian Sacrifices and Life Changes


For The Curious,

It’s always great to have somebody you’ve never met drop in for breakfast -- and as soon as she sits down you see her blend in with the others at the table and you know in your bones that she is your friend.

That’s how I felt when I recently met Sasha Cohen – the U.S. Olympic figure skater who took home a silver medal in the 2006 games in Turin, Italy.Sasha is the last American woman to medal in the individual figure skating competition. But our talk on Big Questions goes far beyond the Olympics. It’s relevant to anybody making a change in their lives now.

That’s because it not only details the discipline and focus it takes to reach Olympic heights. And what it was like to go out on the ice injured on the most important day of her life. But it also looks at what it’s like for people who’ve devoted their entire existence to a single pursuit after that journey is over. That shift can be way more confounding than anything we’re going through.

If you’re at the point of making a change in life, or you know somebody who’s struggling with making a change, you may want to listen to and/or pass on this conversation with Sasha.

There are a lot of valuable thoughts in our talk. At the end, you may feel like Sasha’s the kind of friend you’d like to have, too.