Great Takeaways From Big Questions


For The Curious,

This month, millions of new listeners are going to be exposed to our Big Questions podcast.

That’s why I thought it a good idea to create an episode that gives these new listeners a sampler of what we’ve created over the last half year or so.

When I say “we’ve created,” I mean it. Because so much of the content and inspiration behind Big Questions has been guided by the comments, questions and the photos you’ve sent me.

Brisbane, Australia, Julian Mather.jpeg

In fact, it’s the photos you’ve e-mailed me of the cities and towns where you listen to Big Questions that have motivated me to make this podcast as far-reaching as possible.

When I get a photo like this from Julian in Brisbane, Australia, a huge smile comes to my face.

When I get news from Adrian in England that her kids have built a snowman in their backyard and named it “Kevin The Manager,” I break out laughing.

When I get a photo from Sam commuting in Troy, New York with some feedback on commercials, I’m so appreciative.

It all helps to make my day . . . because it brings back a feeling I had as a young man traveling around the world, waking up every morning to see a new face and hear a new story.

This is all a work in progress. That’s why I was grateful for the opportunity to create this week’s podcast.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 11.07.41 AM.png

This week’s episode gave me a chance to go back and listen to conversations I’ve had with basketball legend Kobe Bryant, media titan Nely Galan, memory guru Jim Kwik, Soul Cycle CEO Melanie Whelan and my pal Larry King among the many others.

I hope the takeaways in this episode serve as a great sampler for all the new listeners.

And I’m asking everybody who’s been on the journey with me for a while now to invite a friend. Please send one person you really care about this podcast – or the Big Question podcast that you’ve most enjoyed.

That will attract a lot more photos of places around the world and enhance the journey.

Thank you for coming along. And if you haven’t subscribed already, would be great for you to do so because The Best Is Yet To Come.



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