Diving Deep Into Ice Cream with Dr. Lara Pence


takeaways from this episode:

  • Decode your emotional responses to tempting foods.
  • Separate irresistible cravings from conscious choices.
  • Employ mindfulness and boundaries to stop from overeating.
  • Understand why a healthy relationship with yourself is more effective than the billion-dollar diet industry.

For The Curious,

Those of you who’ve listened to my stories about Muhammad Ali and Mikhail Gorbachev know of my deep feelings for ice cream.

The way I see it, ice cream is one of the great human connectors. I mean, who doesn’t like ice cream?

But a while back I met the founder of Spartan – Joe De Sena. Joe’s company organizes obstacle races all around the world. Joe’s mission is to improve 100 million lives through exercise and healthier eating habits.

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It drives Joe nuts to see people getting rounder and rounder. If you’re eating from a bag of potato chips, he has no qualms about walking up to you and taking those chips right out of your hands. That’s his way of showing love. As you can imagine, there are people who don’t quite see having their sodas and potato chips snatched away as an act of love.

So, Joe’s got some issues. And so do I. You see, when I started running Joe’s courses, he challenged me to clean out my body by eating only vegetables and fruits.

These changes have shaved 20 pounds from my body. Truth is, I haven’t felt this good in years.

But, if I stick to this way of eating, that would mean NO ice cream.

Which might mean I’d lose all that human connection.

These conflicts led Joe and I to the office of a food therapist in Dallas – Dr. Lara Pence.

Dr. Lara gave both Joe and I some new perspectives. Not only that, but she ran a Spartan Sprint with me the next day at the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

After the race, I sat with Dr. Lara to get at food issues that flummox so many of us for my podcast.

Chiefly: Why do we eat things that are no good for us when we know they’re no good for us?

If you know anyone who’s struggling with food issues, please pass along this episode. Dr. Lara’s website might be helpful, too - http://www.drlarapence.com.

Not only is Dr. Lara now my therapist and Joe’s therapist. But she has a very big couch . . .



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